Welcome to COMPASS Primary School!

                                          Our Vision

At Compass Primary School, we draw an analogy between a compass on voyages and the educational process. A process during which we show the children directions and ways of exploring  the wide world of learning and knowledge. In an attractive, stimulating and inspiring way we navigate our children through the vast waters of education, introducing them to different subject areas, to ways of acquiring new skills and applying them to real life situations. We arouse the children‘s natural curiosity and motivate their desire to learn.

Characteristics of our school:

  • COMPASS Educational Programme created  in accordance with the Ministry of Education Framework Programme

  • Content and Language Integrated Learning

  • Complex care of your child

  • Creative and stimulating environment

  • Trusting and caring atmosphere

  • Friendly relationships



Employment opportunity

Compass Primary School is seeking an experienced English teacher for an immediate start. A suitable candidate should be a native English speaker qualified to teach at primary level. Previous experience with teaching English to young learners is essential.
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